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The Second Cathedral can be entered by a crack in the wall and has two chambers covered in tubastrea corals.

Name Dive Site:Second Cathedral
Depth: 13-62ft (4-19m)
Inserted/Added by: hawaiiscubadiving

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Second Cathedral, is a cavern dive like First Cathedral, the main chamber has a break in the middle with two large dramatic archways. Second Cathedral is larger than First Cathedral, with an abundance of marine life to be found in the interior of the cavern. The countless nooks and pukas are full of shrimp and other invertebrate so make sure you bring your flashlight so you can explore properly is and make sure you check the ceiling for the tubastrea coral and black-coral trees. Depending on the conditions on the day you dive the entry point drop through the ceiling of the main chamber or you may shoot through the dark hole. There is a very large and friendly trumpet fish at this dive site that does not mind coming close to divers and large eels are common at this site. Outside the cavern is also worth exploring, with schools of pyramid butterfly fish and blue-stripe snappers to be found.

Warning: Be especially cautious in shallow areas that have ceiling holes if there is any surge present. Sea life: Cowrie Shells, Pyramid Butterfly Fish, Blue-stripe Snappers and Octopus.

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