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The shallow cove at Mile Marker 4 is perfect for snorkelers while divers can enjoy an in coral covered chimney a bit further out.

Name Dive Site:Mile Marker 4
Depth: 3-59ft (1-18m)
Inserted/Added by: dick_the_diver

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Dive site Mile Marker 4 can be reached at the ocean side of Alii Drive just four miles south of Kailua Village. From shore you will have to cross a shallow rocky inlet with a lot of razor sharp rocks, best avoided when the waves are big. After fifty yards you will enter a sandy channel that continues as a crevice into the lava and coral shelf. At the mouth of the sandy channel you will often see a friendly puhiuha (Mustache Conger Eel), especially on night dives. To your right and left, as you head east (or toward shore) you'll see many nooks and holes in the walls of the channel. A bit further you will find an archway and cave filled with cowries and lobsters.

Another cave has resident pukas and stinging limu (hydroids) in them. There is a small chimney starting at 25 feet deep and opening up at ten feet below the surface. Inside you find branch tubes that contain dozens of sea creatures, from lobsters, to kohala (Porcupine Pufferfish), to cleaner shrimp (red and white banded creatures that maintain "cleaner stations" for their sea-neighbors), to sea stars. As you ascend through the chamber's chimney watch for nudibranch (those colorful and delicate sea slugs) that inhabit this area. On top of the chimney pay attention to the surge. If the surge is kicking up, head straight out away from shore, over the ledge and down to safer depths. There is another coral and rock outcropping teeming with reef fishes. From there at depths between 40 and 50 feet you can start diving shoreward and start your gradually ascend until you reach your exit and entry point.

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