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  1. Kona Manta Ray Night Dive : Get amazed by the Kona Manta Ray night dive
  2. Lava Flow :
  3. Mauna Lani Caves, Haunted Caverns : There are mini caves, large caverns and chambres which can be explored at this cave destination just north of Kona.
  4. Mile Marker 4 : The shallow cove at Mile Marker 4 is perfect for snorkelers while divers can enjoy an in coral covered chimney a bit further out.
  5. Place of Refuge : Pu'uhonua O' Honaunau or Place of Refuge is an old religious Hawaiian fishing community with excellent diving opportunities.
  6. Puako : Puako is one of the best shore dives of the Kohala Coast with several lava fingers full of coral and sea life extending towards the ocean.
  1. Black Rock : Black Rock is an easy accessible shore dive west of Maui, where grabbing a snorkel and mask will be sufficient.
  2. Dragon Reef : Dragon Reef is a great formations of lava rock that is said to look like a dragon's back.
  3. F-6-F Hellcat : The World War II F-6-F Hellcat airplane is a nice upside down wreck just off Kihei.
  4. Five Caves, Makena Landing : If you like simple cave diving you should go to this series of caverns reached across a rocky patch from shore or by boat.
  5. Hidden Pinnacle : Hidden Pinnacle is a more than 100ft tall pinnacle unfortunately on the rough site of Maui but thrilling nevertheless.
  6. Hyatt Marriott Hotel Reef : Just west of Kaanapali you will find the Hyatt Reef named after its similar named resort on the coast.
  7. Molokini Crater : Molokini Crater is one of the few places where you can actually dive inside a volcanic cone offering some of the best walls Hawaii has to offer.
    1. Back Wall or Outer Wall : Back Wall or Outer Wall is a deep and advanced dive site known for its sheer cliff-like wall dropping to over three hundred feet deep.
    2. Enenue or Rudderfish : Enenue is the Hawaiian name for the silver gray rudderfish found in big numbers along its wall.
    3. Inside Crater or Mid Reef : The Inside Crater is Molokini's perfect year around diving spot for snorkeling as well as all scuba certified divers.
    4. Reef's End : The Reef's End, at the outer side of the Molokini Crater, offers lava slabs and boulders in extremely clear water.
  8. Pu'u Olai or Red Hill : In front of Puu Olai, a small crater visible at the Makena's shoreline, you will find some excellent diving.
  9. Puka Maui : Dive site Puka Maui along Maui's North Shore
  10. St. Antony : St. Anthony was a 65 foot long shrimp boat famous because of the many sea turtles inside the cabins and v-berth.
  11. Tank and Landing Craft : A nice WWII Landing Craft and Tank can make a great diving experience easily reached in front of the Maui Prince Hotel.
  1. Cathedrals : The Cathedrals, just southeast of Hulopoe Bay, are Lanai's best two story high cavern dives also referred to as Lava Caves.
    1. First Cathedral : First Cathedral's huge chamber can be accessed by a brilliant tunnel displaying a magic light show when the sun shines on its porous ceiling.
    2. Second Cathedral : The Second Cathedral can be entered by a crack in the wall and has two chambers covered in tubastrea corals.
  2. Fish Bowl : At Fish Bowl, once away from the boat mooring, you can spot reef sharks, eagle rays and the common coral fish.
  3. Fish Cove : Fish Cove is a great from wind and currents sheltered cove where loads of fish can be spot.
  4. Fish Rain : Fish Rain is diving with all types of different fish species congregating together in groups or solo and surrounding you.
  5. Hole in the Wall : Hole in the Wall is a beautiful pinnacle covered in snow flake corals, wire corals and swarmed with fish.
  6. Hulopoe Beach, Manele Bay : The bays of Hulopoe and Manele are paradise for snorkeling tourists that reside in the nearby large resorts.
    1. Fish Rock : Fish Rock is a great place near Manele Bay where you can learn about and point out many of the common reef fish.
  7. Mokuho'oniki : Mokuho'oniki
  8. Pyramids : The Pyramids is quickly becoming the area's favorite with arches formed of lava and coral heads.
  9. Sergeant Major & Minor : Sergeant Major and Minor are muck paradises where macro photographers will have the time of their live searching for life under its ledges.
  10. Shark Fin : Shark Fin is named after a lava formation that resembles a dorsal shark's fin sticking out above the surface.
  11. Wash Rock : Wash Rock is an area filled with overhangs where interesting marine life can be watched.
  1. Airplane Wreck or Canyon : Airplane Wreck is a Beechcraft 18 plane that was completely stripped and scuttled up side down in the early 1990's.
  2. Black Rock or Ulua Cave : Black Rock is a combination dive of one huge cave and several lava rock formations just off Lahilahi Point.
  3. Electric Beach or Kahe Point : Electric Beach or Kahe Point is a shore dive in front of the electricity generating station Waianae Power Plant.
  4. Haleiwa Wall : Caverns and mini caves are the key features of Haleiwa Wall, just outside the harbor of Haleiwa.
  5. Hanauma Bay : Hanauma Bay is believed to be 35.000 years old and literally means curved bay.
      1. 100 Foot Hole : 100 Foot Hole is an area used by fishermen where a cavern and large game fish are the main sights.
      2. San Pedro : The San Pedro was a decommissioned hospital ship which was scuttled in 1966 offering some white tip reef sharks and many turtles.
      3. Sea Tiger : The Sea Tiger offers some excellent swimm-throughs near its cargo holds and its bridge.
      4. YO-257 : The scuttled YO-257 oiler created a great dive site and popular excursion out of Honolulu
    1. Kaena Point : Kaena Point is the most western point of Oahu right in Kaena Point State Park which makes it inaccessible from shore.
    2. Kahuku Ledge : Kahuku Ledge is one of the least accessible dive sites in Oahu's north shore; far, difficult and rough.
    3. LCU East or Z-Blocks : The LCU East was scuttled as Hawaii's ongoing artificial reef program connected with existing reefs by Z-formed concrete blocks.
    4. Mahi : The Mahi was used as a cable laying vessel and has nowadays attracted many pufferfish, eagle rays and nudibranches.
    5. Makaha Caverns : Makaha Caverns with its lava tubes, overhangs and archways are a haven for turtles and resting reef sharks.
    6. Makapuu Point : Makapuu Point is a nice shore dive to the most eastern point of Oahu.
    7. Manana Island : Manana Island and Kaohikaipu Island are known as bird sanctuaries with some excellent diving off its seaward side.
      1. Baby Barge : Baby Barge is a small wreck dive tucked beside a beautiful reef with caves and ledges.
      2. Corsair : The F4U Corsair is a remarkable intact airplane that sank after engine problems during a training flight in 1946.
      3. Fantasy Reef : Fantasy Reef is a pretty dive with a great reef perfect for photography.
      4. Portlock Wall, China Wall : Portlock Wall or China Wall is a fantastic drift wall dive along the shores of Diamond Head State Monument.
    8. Shark's Cove : Sharks Cove is a popular lava-edged pool between Haleiwa and Pupukea named after its shark bite shape form on the coastline.
    1. Tunnels Reef or Tunnels Beach : Tunnels Reef is a great, summer only accessible, dive site where flying gurnard fish are among the interesting species that can be seen.
    1. Vertical Awareness : Vertical Awareness is a great place to find endemic Hawaiian monk seals.