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If you like simple cave diving you should go to this series of caverns reached across a rocky patch from shore or by boat.

Name Dive Site:Five Caves, Makena Landing
Depth: 29-42ft (9-13m)
Inserted/Added by: hawaiiscubadiving

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This dive site is named Five Caves, Five Graves, Turtle Town, Makena Landing and Nahuna Point. The toughest part of the dive is the entry at 5 Graves. It's a rocky entry that will present a challenge if the surf is high. There are lots of caves and arches to swim through, you could do this dive 10 times and not see it all. Be sure to take a flashlight to search the pukas for crabs, lobsters and other invertebrates inside the lava formations. Other marine life in this area includes turtles, frogfish, conger eels and white-tip reef sharks. Occasional spotted eagle rays and manta rays cruise over the rocky bottom in 40 to 50 feet near the outer boat moorings. Visibility varies radically depending on conditions, so if the surf is big, don't even try to dive here and always use caution if you enter the caves. Sea Life: Lobster, Octopus, Lava Tubes and White-tip Reef Sharks.

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Name: makena_coast_dive_charters

Nahuna Point A.K.A. Five Caves/ Turtle Town: This site should be called "Five Names" as it has been known as Five Caves, Five Graves, Turtle Town, Makena Landing and Nahuna Point. No matter what name you call it, the dive site is a great shallow dive that offers an abundance of Green Sea Turtles, multi-colored fish, eels, archways you can swim through, coral, cleaner shrimp, and so much more. Eagle Rays have also made Turtle Town a frequent destination.

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