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Kauai literally is the Garden Island full of lush green vegetation with some of the steepest cliffs and highest mountains in Hawaii.

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Kauai or the Garden Islands is a steep rugged destination as well above as beneath the surface. It is one of the wettest places on earth creating an island covered in tropical forest, colorful flowers and species of birds. Geologically it is the oldest volcanic island, offering over 60.000 people a good place to live and geographically the fourth largest island of Hawaii.

Kaua'i is with its steep hills and lush vegetation a place for hikers with tours around the dramatic green Na Pali Coast State Park being the most rewarding. You can climb 5.080-foot high Mount Waialeale and walk around the Pacific's largest canyon. Waimea Canyon is ten miles long, two miles wide and offers steep cliffs on both sides of over 3.000 feet high. You can visit this atmospheric place by helicopter, raft or by foot. Cascading waterfalls, birdlife, Wailua River, Hanalei Bay are just some of the natural attraction you will definitely have to see. Another fact that amazes people is the hardworking race named Menehune. These small descendents of some of the first Hawaiian settlers only worked at night and had great engineering skills.

The island Kauai is the northern most island of the Hawaii chain and is struck with some of the heaviest surface swells making coral formations almost impossible to survive. Diving season runs in the summer months especially on calm days along the north shore. From November to May you might be lucky to dive with some humpback whales or to see them playing and splashing in the water out in the sea. The island is famous for its huge numbers of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles but also feared for its hurricanes that strike the island in winter. Because of the ever changing weather and the unpredictability of it, it is an advanced scuba diving destination. But this doesn't mean there are no adventurous novice dive spots along the south shore near Poipu Beach. For accommodations visit Kauai Hotels.

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