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Just west of Kaanapali you will find the Hyatt Reef named after its similar named resort on the coast.

Name Dive Site:Hyatt Marriott Hotel Reef
Depth: 29-49ft (9-15m)
Inserted/Added by: hawaiiscubadiving

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While this dive site is close to the Hyatt Regency Hotel it is to far to be a shore dive. The highlight of this dive are the resident green sea turtles who are so used to divers they tend to ignore them. Turtles are generally found on the sea floor, resting on the finger coral and on the way to the surface for a breath of air. The turtles provide great photo opportunities but please do not touch, ride or harass these gentle creatures.

As you dive deeper the reef becomes broken and dispersed, but quite often divers will see octopus, devil scorpionfish, rockmovers and damselfish. Sea Life: Resident Green Sea Turtles, Puffer Fish, Damselfish, Hawkfish and Anglerfish. As you drop down the slop watch out for potentially strong currents. Warning: As you drop down the slope watch out for potentially strong currents.

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