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The scuttled YO-257 oiler created a great dive site and popular excursion out of Honolulu

Name Dive Site:YO-257
Depth: 72-104ft (22-32m)
Inserted/Added by: hawaiiscubadiving

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The YO-257 was a 53meter long and 10meter wide Navy yard oiler built in the 1940's. Used for refueling battleships and serviced in the second world war, the Korean war and in the Vietnam war, it finally ended in less dangerous waters around the Micronesia state of Yap. It was bought by Atlantis Submarines Hawaii and sunk as an artificial reef off Waikiki, Oahu in 1989. The ship rests upright in 100 feet of water with the main deck about 85 feet. It has been prepared for diving with many large access holes cut through the structure. It is the home of many colorful fish, turtles and the occasional reef shark, but also moray eels may be found around the wreck. While scuba diving and exploring the Yo-257, you might encounter the Atlantis submarine as it passes by on one of its popular tours from Oahu.

Visibility is normally 100+ feet. There is sometimes a strong current at the surface, which eases as you approach the wreck. A decent line is always rigged to mooring buoys on the wreck. The typical dive profile is 90 feet for 20 minutes. The YO-257 is one of the south shores more popular boat wreck dives. In 1996, a new ship, the San Pedro, was sunk within 50 yards of the YO-257 as an additional dive attraction.

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