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Fish Rain is diving with all types of different fish species congregating together in groups or solo and surrounding you.

Name Dive Site:Fish Rain
Depth: 78-127ft (24-39m)
Inserted/Added by: hawaiiscubadiving

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Due to the strong currents this dive is normally performed as a drift dive, so listen carefully to the instructions given by your guide or the boat captain. You can expect to see a large variety of fish on this dive and as it is a drift dive you don't have to return to your entry point. Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, Monk Seals and the gigantic Whale shark have all been seen at Fish Rain at one time or another. Monk seals are on the endangered species list and a sighting of one is very rare. Sealife near Mokuhooniki Island: Rare Pelagic, Whale Sharks, Monk Seals and Mahi-Mahi.

Warning: Due to strong currents advanced divers should only attempt this dive and you should listen to your dive guide.

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