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Baby Barge is a small wreck dive tucked beside a beautiful reef with caves and ledges.

Name Dive Site:Baby Barge
Depth: 39-82ft (12-25m)
Inserted/Added by: island_divers_hawaii

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The baby barge lies upright in 60ft of water, with the coral encrusted deck at about 45ft. To the port side of the barge runs a 10-20ft ledge dropping down to the deepest point of the dive, 85ft. This ledge has a few small caves in which there are almost always a few resting green sea turtles. To the west the ledge rises until and finally mostly dissipates 50 yards at white tip cave. This is a popular resting place for white-tip reef sharks and is the highest percentage chance of seeing a shark on the island, about 85%. Galapagos sharks are also spotted occasionally at this dive site. For the more experienced visitors there are also a large pile of I shaped 10' cement blocks about 200' to the south in which are found many large eels. The barge itself holds a large amount of fish, but be careful on the cutouts on the side, the surge can give you a real blast!

Not a remarkable wreck but the reef surrounding it is great! The Baby Barge is fairly small and don't offer much in penetration or swim-trough possibilities. There is a cavern on the deep side of the wreck, however, and it is not unusual to find one or two white tip reef sharks sleeping in it. Turtles are usually everywhere and seeing 5 or more is not uncommon. The wreck lies in about 60'/18m but if you want to check out the cavern the maximum depth will be 85'/26m. It is a good dive site for finding frogfish, Hawaiian lionfish, eels, and several species of nudibranchs. In summary: an unimpressive wreck but an excellent dive!

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